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Feeds release!


I hastily released my new app Feeds. I just couldn't wait any longer!

It’s an RSS reader on steroids, where you can follow almost any website. It will make the web a better place for everyone and change the way we read feeds (or that is the plan).

It comes feature packed with the most convienient and efficient reading experience. All posts opens in-line after one another, when you scroll past one it’s marked for removal. No more micromanaging what’s read or not, no folders to manage: just swipe down. New articles comes in from below so the flow is never interrupted. Just continue!

Site feeds - all the web

Feeds also introduces the concept of a “Site feed”, which is basically an auto-generated feed of a website's articles (or previews). If one seem interesting, just tap to load the full original source. This solves the problem of more and more sites dropping support for RSS, or supporting it poorly.

Extreme focus

This app was built to read many hundred of articles per day. To make this possible all labour-like tasks had to go. Fiddling with folders and manually marking each item (or folder) as read, should never be needed. In Feeds this is done automatically. An article is marked as read when scrolled by or closed, and later removed. You can still save articles to read later (or share them to your favorite read-later service).

I know that these choices will not appeal to everyone, but there are a million RSS-apps out there - if you don't like this one, just use one of those. Feeds aims for the most convenient and efficient reading experience, so you can keep track of all that is happening in your life. Hard choices just had to be made for it not to be overwhelming.


The Feeds app is also free, so you can try it out for as long as you like. If you don’t fall in love with it - there is no harm done!