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Aggressive Blog!

In June 2014 I bought my partner's shares of Aggressive Development and became the sole owner of the company. While it's been great this far, it was time for something new..

Instead of growing bigger, Aggressive was now growing smaller. This has turned out very well for me, in fact, I have never had this much time before to spend on creating and taking care of my applications and services. There is also less stress (which has been a bit of a problem for me), since there is now only one employee to care for. If you ever want to start a company of your own, try to do it alone. Avoid mixing in your friends and/or family with your dreams and ambition, those things don't mix. On the other hand, it's also less fun to be alone when things go well since there are few people to celebrate with. When things go bad you are always alone, just as in real life, so that's nothing to worry about! ?

I felt the need to share this with those who have been following us in the past, so I started this blog. Perhaps there will be some posts between releases (when there is time), so you can know that I'm still alive and kicking.

What is next?

First of all, I have updated almost everything under the hood of the Qiozk-Solo engine, to make those apps more flexible and overall more polished. Now I wish to give the same treatment to Qiozk, in order to prepare it for future changes. I have also, since several years, been working on an app that I really wish to get off my chest. It is nothing earth-shattering but it is useful, and it's way too egocentric to keep something that nice for myself. At the same time, the demand for Solo-apps is currently quite high, so I don't want to waste too much time on side-projects. As usual, you want it all.