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Morning newspaper


Where is the digital version of the morning paper? Reading through the world’s events while commuting or sipping the first cup of coffee. Easily skim through the headlines and dive deep into what’s interesting. 

Nowhere! So I had to build it myself. It is now in public beta, go and check it out: 


All I want is a list of titles that you tap to read. Then scroll down to the next. When you scroll through they are marked for removal - no categories to manage, no folders to clean or organize and no need to manually remove anything. Just read what you like, and most importantly: new stuff comes in below so you just can keep on reading.

What’s so snuff about that? Most people won’t care, but I just hate how feeds these days keep unread items at the bottom AND new items come in at the top. The next item is above all you have already read, and then you need to scroll all the way down again to continue where you left off. This is madness. Not to mention the “algorithmic timelines”, which truly make everything appear random.

The second order of business is the actual content. Who gets to decide what you read, and the sources you trust? Your friends, some algorithm based on trends and guesses, or yourself? If you don’t find this obvious, think about the “small” interests people have - like motherhood, running shoes, a friend’s personal blog, etc. These will never have a newsflash, a category, or be trending. But they can still be/have important news to you.

All of this brings us to a super-slim feed, easy to scroll through on the commute, or by the breakfast table, with all new articles from sources that matters to you. A truly user-centric reading-focused experience.

It is the best feed-reader I’ve ever used, and I hope you will like it too!


Hello! How nice of you stopping by! ❤️

My name is Olof Thorén, I am an indie developer from Stockholm, Sweden.

I really enjoy creating stuff, and that is the reason why I am doing this. I started working full-time on building apps in 2009.

At the moment my main focus is Feeds, a glorified news and RSS-reader that keeps track of the web for you. I also build Qiozk Solo, white-label magazine apps for (mainly Swedish) publishers. I have published ~75 Solo-apps though most of them are not active today. Aggressive Development has published 15 apps under its own name and many more for other companies.

Please feel free to say hello on twitter @olof_t or email olof@aggressive.se. Don't hesitate to send me comments or feedback on anything I write.