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Feeds take two

Shipping day for Feeds, the powerful feed-reader that can take websites and transform them into a self-updating feed. I also built an AI to cut through the massive information overload that comes when subscribing to lots of feeds.

Release day went great! A few bugs were found, and I could quickly release updates to fix them. The feedback has kept pouring in and I really like it! A few years ago I dreaded the flood of emails that came after any updates. Now it felt really encouraging, perhaps I've turned a corner?

The bad news is that marketing is really hard. No-one wants to write about it, and few are writing about apps at all. Every download I've got is basically from someone I know or have reached personally. I simply need to learn marketing in order to continue this kind of work. So this is what I will write about, technology and marketing - what works and what is a waste of time. If that sounds interesting:

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Welcome, and follow my journey. If you would like me to try something and see what effects it has - I will do whatever you say (as your humble servant) and share the numbers bluntly! 😬😮

Talk to me: @olof_t


Hello! How nice of you stopping by! ❤️

My name is Olof Thorén, I am an indie developer from Stockholm, Sweden.

I really enjoy creating stuff, and that is the reason why I am doing this. I started working full-time on building apps in 2009.

At the moment my main focus is Feeds, a glorified news and RSS-reader that keeps track of the web for you. I also build Qiozk Solo, white-label magazine apps for (mainly Swedish) publishers. I have published ~75 Solo-apps though most of them are not active today. Aggressive Development has published 15 apps under its own name and many more for other companies.

Please feel free to say hello on twitter @olof_t or email olof@aggressive.se. Don't hesitate to send me comments or feedback on anything I write.