Aggressive Development

A company developing apps and websites since 2009. Based in Sweden, crafting delicious apps furiously. Currently not as aggressively as it used to. Aggressive in moderation.

What Aggressive do now

  • Aggressive is developing Feeds, an app to make it easy to keep track on news and noteworthy things around the web.

    What Aggressive has done

Aggressive Development has published 13 apps under its own name, and many more for other companies. More than 60 magazine-apps have been built for Swedish publishers, and here you can find those who are still active: Qiozk Solo Magazines.

Resume and experiences

I am currently working as a senior mobile developer at Qvik. Here is My resume

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Feeds is a news/rss app that streams webpages into your pocket. Feeds is the next application from the furious mind of Aggressive Development (that's me) - giving everyone easy access to news and blogs in the most elegant and efficient way possible. Everything streamlined in a convenient feed.

Sounds interesting? Read more about Feeds:

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The best RSS/news reader 2021

I’ve built the best RSS reader, Feeds, and here is why!

  1. First of all it can create a feed from any feed-like webpage, it doesn’t matter if RSS is supported or not. This is more useful than you think since some sources strip their articles, sometimes only the header remains, and sometimes only certain articles are part of the rss-feed.
  2. AI-sorting: Information overload strikes you quite soon after adding ten (or so) feeds. Other apps try to solve this by forcing users to categorize every feed to make users sort items manually. Quickly your leisure time becomes filled with needless chores. Instead Feeds sorts articles by your preference, things you really like first, and then things you usually read. Last comes what you probably don't like (according to the AI). It is automatically trained, all you have to do is read normally and it will learn by itself!
  3. No chores to perform! Everything in the Feeds-app is built around leveraging computer power to automate tasks. Humans should never have to do work unless strictly necessary. That’s why Feeds has no folders to manage, no categories to juggle and no read/unread markers. Everything is laid out in an overview, one tap to read and the rest follows below naturally. If you want to read an old article it stays in the “old” section for a few days (or just search for it) - but if you don’t care for the article it will automatically disappear. Nothing needs to be done!
  4. Full RSS article downloads, when you prefer the curated RSS-feed, but want the full content and not just the excerpt. Feeds got you covered!
  5. Everything inline and new content below. Articles expand inline to eliminate the need for side-scrolling/swiping, and new articles always follow below! One can just continue reading!
  6. Super fast full text search. It has happened to me a million times, a discussion comes up and you know you read about it but don't remember when or where - just type a few words that you do remember and violá - there it is!
  7. Mute topics you don't like. Phrases that comes up on a regular basis that you don't ever want to see, not even last - mute it. It will still exist in the feed if you change your mind, just one extra tap away. Regex phrases are also supported!

If you haven't yet tried it, now is a good time to download Feeds and take it for a spin!