Aggressive Development

A company developing apps and websites since 2009. Based in Sweden, crafting delicious apps furiously. Currently not as aggressively as it used to. Aggressive in moderation.

What Aggressive do now

  • Aggressive is developing Feeds, an app to make it easy to keep track on news and noteworthy things around the web.

    What Aggressive has done

Aggressive Development has published 13 apps under its own name, and many more for other companies. More than 60 magazine-apps have been built for Swedish publishers, and here you can find those who are still active: Qiozk Solo Magazines.

Resume and experiences

I am currently working as a senior mobile developer at Qvik. Here is My resume

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Feeds is a news/rss app that streams webpages into your pocket. Feeds is the next application from the furious mind of Aggressive Development (that's me) - giving everyone easy access to news and blogs in the most elegant and efficient way possible. Everything streamlined in a convenient feed.

Sounds interesting? Read more about Feeds:

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Conditionally compile code for extensions in Swift

I have google this so many times, now I just have to write it down!

When building a framework with functions you can't use in an App Extension, like a ShareExtension or WidgetExtension. Wrap that function or class in an @available like this:

@available(iOSApplicationExtension, unavailable)
func notInExtensions() 
    if UIApplication.shared.delegate == nil 
        print("No delegate")

Then create a custom Swift compiler flag "APP_EXTENSION" for each extension, and use it like so:

    // do whatever else the extension should

Nothing more to it!